RCTT Introduces New Service of Technologies Promotion Based on Licensing Agreements

Taking into account our abundant background of many years in promoting national and worldwide technologies, starting from 2010 RTCC offers to clients a new kind of service related to the technologies promotion on the basis of licensing agreements.


The point of the offered service is in transferring from the Republican Center for Technology Transfer to the clients (national or international legal or physical bodies) of property rights for a technology promoted on the basis of a license agreement signed by a client and RCTT. The client (technology proprietor) shall be regarded as a licenser and RCTT shall be a licensee in countries or in regions of such countries as defined by the licenser. A license of this kind can be an exclusive or a non-exclusive one in each particular country or region. Becoming a proprietor of a technology for a period stated in the licensing agreement, RCTT signs contracts with sub-licensees found within the respective territory. Payments under the licensing agreement (lump sum amounts, royalty etc.) paid by sub-licensees to RCTT will be directed to the licenser, less a premium amount stated in the licensing agreement. In case a sub-licensee needs engineering services, supervision in installation of new equipment or other kind of help RCTT resorts to the assistance of the licenser’s specialists.


Let us examine the advantages to the clients of RCTT (national or international licenser) from the offered way of technology transfer related to granting the rights to intellectual property to RCTT on the basis of a licensing agreement:

1. Most of the clients have no possibilities for active technology promotion in local or international markets, because this requires involving specially trained specialists, financial and information resources. RCTT will make it much easier as in our headquarter, in five regional offices and in 26 branch offices there are all relevant and specially trained professionals, moreover RCTT deals with more than 60 international partners in 22 countries all over the world and is presented in two foreign field offices cooperating with a number of international and national technology transfer networks.

2. Becoming a proprietor of a client’s technology on the basis of licensing agreement on the conditions stated thereof, RCTT is viewed by an eventual sub-licensee (buyer of a sub-license) as a lawful technology proprietor. In other words, after a contract with a licensor is signed RCTT has the possibility to negotiate directly with companies and interested parties as a technology proprietor with buyers of the same, and this fact surely promotes credence during negotiations and in doing business.

3. RCTT is a division in Belarusian republican non-state and non-profit organization Akademtechnopark Innovation Association and evokes more trust from an eventual technology buyer than some physical body or even a small enterprise who is the proprietor of the technology. All the facts indeed increase the probability to sell your technology to an eventual buyer.


For all the information on signing licensing agreements with RCTT please contact: 


Dr. Mikhail Dzenisenka

Head of Technology Transfer Department of RCTT

tel.: +375 17 2840749,

e-mail: dzenisenka@mail.ru


Dr. Vitali Kuzmin

Head of Marketing Department of RCTT

tel.: +375 17 2840749

e-mail: vitali_kuzmin@mail.ru