Model Contracts

The main task of this section is to help our clients to prepare contracts related to conveyance of intellectual property.

The 'intellectual property' concept comprises industrial property facilities and copyrights. Inventions, utility models, production pieces and industrial standards, trade marks and service marks, names of the regions of goods’ origin, brand and trade names and confidential information are generally considered to be the industrial property items. Literary and artistic pieces (e.g. poems, music pieces, paintings, etc.) belong to the copyright domain.

License contracts of the same or similar basic provisions are rare on the international intellectual property business market. The versatility of the contracts is determined by the essence and degree of development of every particular piece, the applicable copyright protection, presence of know-how, conveyance conditions and terms, accounting/payment provisions, customer’s demands and requirements, etc. Any of these characteristics or features can determine types and titles of would-be license contracts. Thus, there may be a license agreement of a device or facility, a technology, a mode of production, a trademark, a production piece, an exclusive privilege agreement for know-how, etc. The practice of international cooperation shows, that model license agreements are made much more frequently, than other types of foreign trade operations.

In the subsection titled License Contract/Agreement Classification one can find a detailed classification of the variety of contracts, depending on the subject-matters of licenses, license types, scopes of the rights conveyed, means of intellectual property protection, statuses of contract agents/parties and the nature of relations between them.

Types of Contracts and Other Documents Pertaining to Industrial Property Creation, Application and Trade is a subsection with mode contracts and other documents of most frequent use for creation, application and trading of intellectual property pieces.

By visiting Guidelines on Contracts Related to Industrial Property Creation, Application and Trade subsection, one can get advice that could facilitate preparation of most complex license contracts.

Glossary of Key Terms of Intellectual/Industrial Property and License Trade has been compiled to help an author (patentee) to get bearings in the specific terminology related to submission and expert examination of applications for industrial property, its commercialization and profit-taking.