Free Economic Zones of Belarus

Free economic zone activity (FEZ) in Belarus dates from 1996. By now six FEZs have been established, namely: FEZ Brest, FEZ Vitsebsk, FEZ Homel-Raton, FEZ Hrodna, FEZ Minsk and FEZ Mahileu.
Free economic zones are regarded as the investment policy instruments to attract domestic and foreign investments for the purposes of developing the national production sector, promoting commerciable high technologies, fostering creation and further development of export-oriented and import-substituting manufacture practices, thereby ensuring the conditions, that would boost the economic progress of Belarus.
Special regulations of privileged taxation (with less taxation items, tax rates reduced) and customs regimes are provided for the FEZ residents. The legal basis for the national free economic zone activity is provided by the following legislative acts:
1. Law of the Republic of Belarus No.213-З On Free Economic Zones, of 7 December, 1998;
2. Edict of the President of Republic of Belarus No. 114 On Free Economic Zones on the Territory of the Republic of Belarus, of 20 March, 1996;
3. Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus No.1415 On the Concepts of Setting (Special-Regime) Free Economic Zones on the Territory of the Republic of Belarus, of 23 October 1997,
and the Investment Code of the Republic of Belarus adopted on 22 June 2001.
Free Economic Zone of Brest:
Free Economic Zone of Vitsebsk:
Free Economic Zone Homel-Raton:
Free Economic Zone of Hrodna:
Free Economic Zone of Minsk:
Free Economic Zone of Mahileu: