[New] Catalogue of High-Tech Products of the Republic of Belarus. Issue 6.
Catalogue of High-Tech Products of the Republic of Belarus. Issue 2.
ADANI - research, development and production of instruments for X-ray diagnostics.
AKTIV BSU - development of vacuum equipment, technologies of electro-plasma polishing, high-precision impulse welding of thin-walled products, including products made of refractory materials.
BelHard Group - development of software, 3D simulation programs and balanced packages for network computer systems.
IZOVAC - development and introduction of unique thin film technologies to various application fields, e.g., optics, optical electronics, telecommunications, fiber-optic networks, manufacture of imaging devices.
New Analytical Systems Ltd - development and metrology attestation of analytical measuring equipment.
NOMACON - research, development and production of heat-conducting dielectric materials, dielectric filling compounds, flat heating elements, ring heaters to automatic injection-moulding machines and extruders for processing plastics, diesel fuel heaters for motor vehicles, self-locking electric connectors and other products.
PHARMEC - research and production of semiconductor and catalytic detectors used as the basis for portable or stationary gas-sensing monitoring and accident-prevention devices, including gas leak detectors, concentration meters for combustible gases (methane, propane, hydrogen), oxygen, toxic gases.
Sakrament is the leading software developer in the sphere of speech recognition and text-to-speech technologies for the Russian language. Sakrament products, including Sakrament Text-to-Speech Engine and Sakrament Speech Recognition Engine, provide the most natural communication solutions available for the Russian language.
Technoton - research, development and production of microprocessor-based systems to measure the fuel flow rate, fuel consumption and operating characteristic of mobile machines (vehicles, tractors, harvesters, etc.).
Tetraedr, a research and production enterprise specialized in development and production of software and hardware used in radar and radio electronic control systems, including armament systems.