Our Partners

Flag UNIDO United Nations Industrial Development Organization
Flag ICSTI International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information
Flag Australia International Centre for Application of Solar Energy
Flag Austria International Technology Information Center
Flag Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation
Belarus Belarus-Italy JV Real Invest
Flag Belarus Belarusian Innovative Foundation
Flag Belarus Belarusian National Technical University
Flag Belarus Belarusian State University
Flag Belarus Belarussian Union of Entrepreneurs
Flag Belarus Brest Centre for Scientific and Technical Information and Innovations
Flag Belarus "Elena N. Beliaeva" Patent Attorneys Bureau
Flag Belarus Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the USA
Flag Belarus Eridan Ltd.
Flag Belarus Free Economic Zone "Minsk"
Flag Belarus Innovation Association "Academtechnopark"
Flag Belarus Instrument Engineering Innovation Center
Flag Belarus Interuniversity Centre for Marketing of Scientific-Research Works of Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus
Flag Belarus Kunyavskiy Business Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers
Flag Belarus Local Fund of Mutual Aid and Solidarity (Minsk)
Flag Belarus Minsk Capital Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers
Flag Belarus National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Flag Belarus National Сentre of Marketing and Price Study
Flag Belarus National Library of Belarus
Flag Belarus Polotsk State University
Flag Belarus RCTT's Regional Office in Navapolatsk
Flag Belarus Republican association of industrial enterprises "BelAPP"
Flag Belarus Republican Library for Science and Technology
Flag Belarus Scientific-applied republican unitary enterprise "Metolit" of the BNTU
Flag Belarus State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus
Flag Belarus Technoton
Flag Belarus Union of nonprofit organizations "Belarusian Confederation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (Employers)"
Flag Belarus Vitebsk Business Centre
Flag Brazil International Materials Assessment and Application Centre
Flag China China Science and Technology Exchange Center
Flag China Guangdong-CIS International Technological Cooperation Union
Flag China Institute of Tsinghua University, Hebei
Flag China International Centre for Matrials Technology Promotion
Flag China International Network on Small Hydro Power
Flag China Shanghai Co-way International Technology Transfer Center Co., Ltd.
Flag Germany Baykonost — The Bavarian University Centre for Eastern Europe
Flag Germany Innovation Relay Centre Northern Germany
Flag Germany International Technology Cooperation Network
Flag Germany Kübler Gmbh
Flag Germany Steinbeis-Transferzentrum Ost-West-Kooperationen
Flag India International Centre for Advancement of Manufacturing Technology
Flag India MITCON Consultancy Services Ltd.
Flag Italy International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
Flag Italy International Centre for Science and High Technology
Flag Kazakhstan Center for Transfer and Commercialization of Agriculture Technologies
Flag Kazakhstan Engineering and Technology Transfer Center
Flag Kazakhstan Kazakh University of Technology and Business
Flag Kazakhstan "National Centre for Scientific and Technical Information" JSC
Flag Kazakhstan Parasat JSH National Science and Technological Holding
Flag Korea Investment and Technology Promotion Office UNIDO ITPO
Flag Korea Korea Techno-Venture Foundation
Flag Korea Small & Medium Business Corporation (SBC)
Flag Lithuania Lithuanian Innovation Centre
Flag Moldova Agency for Innovation And Technology Transfer of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova
Flag Poland Investment and Technology Promotion Office UNIDO ITPO Warsaw
Flag Poland Eastern Centre for Technology Transfer at the University of Bialystok
Flag Poland OPI Information Processing Centre
Flag Poland Park of Science and Technology Poland-East Ltd.
Polish-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Markets
Flag Russia Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Chuvash Republic
Flag Russia Green-PIK
Flag Russia InfoNTR Corporation
Flag Russia Innovation Production tekhnopark Idea
Flag Russia Innovative Technology Centre of Voronezh
Flag Russia International Centre of Medicine Biotechnology
Flag Russia Magazine «Investments and Management»
Flag Russia National Agency for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources
Flag Russia Non-Commercial International Coordination Fund "The Development of High Technologies"
Flag Russia RespublikaIDEI.ru
Flag Russia Russian Technology Transfer Network
Flag Russia Innovation Centre Koltsovo
Flag Russia Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University
Flag Russia TECHNOPARK, Inc. Tomsk International Business Center
Flag Russia The F&F consulting firm
Flag Russia Ulianovsk Regional Centre for Technology Transfer
Flag Russia Vologda Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (VolSC RAS)
Flag South Africa Technology Top 100
Flag Ukraine National Technology Transfer Centre-Kyiv
Flag United Kingdom Beta Technology Ltd (Innovation Relay Centre)
Flag United Kingdom DTI Global Watch Service
Flag United Kingdom UK Investment and Technology Promotioin Office
Flag USA yet2.com Inc. (Technology Transfer Center)
Flag Uzbekistan Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Flag Vietnam Center for Training, Consultancy and Technology Transfer Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology
Flag Vietnam Institute for Scientific Information of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (ISI VAST)