Branch Office of the RCTT Set Up at the Institute for Potato Growing of the NAS of Belarus

On 11 October the fourth branch office of RCTT was inaugurated at the Institute for Potato Growing. The new office was established owing to the support of the National Academy of Sciences and the State Committee on Science and Technology.


The newly established office is to focus on the main activity lines as follows:


§        promoting the innovation activity and technology transfer in the areas of crop (primarily potato) cultivation and processing; development of physiological, biochemical, genetic, immunological, biotechnological methods for selection and creation of new potato varieties that would meet various specific economic requirements while being resistant to the basic pests and diseases; developing methods, technologies and techniques for accelerated production and reproduction of high-quality seed materials for the potato varieties branded by the Institute for Potato Growing; developing resource-saving alternative technologies for crops cultivation.

§        rendering assistance to the development of innovation business enterprising and furthering the international innovation partnerships in the potato production and processing sector;

§        rendering assistance to the state policies in small and medium-scaled innovation business in crop production, particularly in potato.


PhD Ina A. Rodzkina was assigned director of the branch.


The office contacts:


Address: 2a, Kovaleva St., 223013 Samokhvalovichi, Minsk Region, Belarus

Tel.: +375 17 5066141; +375 17 5066635

Fax: +375 17 5067001

E-mail: ;