International Seminar on Hi-Tech Collaboration is over

The Seminar has been organized by a Chinese partner of RCTT’s: the International Technology Transfer Center of the Tsinghua University, ITTC (Beijing, China). The seminar events in Handan, Shixian, Maanshan and Zhengzhou were held from 22 to 30 September, 2005.

The high-tech communities of Belarus, China, Russia and Ukraine came to China for the seminar. Director of RCTT Mr. Uspenskiy made a report about the range of the services, information resources and facilities available with the Centre and being offered to RCTT’s foreign partner companies and investors. Besides, he highlighted the most advanced and promising hi-tech R&D products from Belarus. Several technologies and products promoted by RCTT enjoyed a great interest among the seminar hosts and participants, namely:

  • centrifugal machinery by Tsentr Research and Production Association,
  • technique for low-temperature hardening treatment of tools and finished products of steel, hard metal alloys and diamond-containing materials;
  • technologies for making of long-life miniature accumulator batteries, and
  • diesel fuel flow monitoring systems.

During the seminar RCTT has signed letters of intention with Xan Ling Commencial and Production Enterprise (Maanshan, China) and Heng Sheyen Accumulator Unit Production Works (Maanshan, China); more to those, there was made a memorandum of further development of RCTT’s partnership with the ITTC. As per the provisions of the memorandum, the International Technology Transfer Center will be granted the free-hand choice of any innovation projects of interest from the database of RCTT on the Web portal; the translation of the project-related texts into Chinese languages is up to the ITTC, as well as putting thereof on the Web site of the ITTC (