RCTT Took Part in the Days of Science and Technology of Belarus in China

The Republican Centre for Technology Transfer took part in the Days of Science and Technology of Belarus in China (Changchun), held on 14 - 21 June 2005. RCTT’s partaking in the event was supported by the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.


During the event RCTT presented its hi-tech portfolio (in electronic formats) with a total of more than 700 projects. Belarusian R&D products, in the fields of nanotechnologies, genetics, biotechnologies, powder metallurgy, crushing and centrifuge machinery, laser systems of medical use, magnetotherapeutic equipment, as well as the relevant proposals of collaboration in the aforementioned areas were of special interest to the expo visitors.


RCTT’s success at the event has been proved by the two international covenants in the technology transfer domain:

  1. Agreements of RCTT’s cooperation with the China Science and Technology Exchange Center (www.cstec.org.cn), and
  2. Agreement of cooperation with the Technology Transfer Centre of Changchun of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (http://ms.ccb.ac.cn).