4iP Council Webinar: Green Technology Innovation in Europe (05.05.2020)

4iP Council RCTT invites all interested to join the Webinar «Green Technology Innovation in Europe», organized by 4iP Council.

This webinar addresses green technology inventors, entrepreneurs, companies, academia, research organisations and government organisations looking for insight and expertise on green innovation evolution, strategy and business networking. Speakers from WIPO's green innovation and SME teams will provide an overview of the support WIPO offers green innovators and SMEs in general while Vitirover, a successful green technology innovator and European SME, will share its first-hand experience.

This 4iP Council webinar is of interest to people looking for:
- an understanding of the status of green technology innovation in Europe and beyond,
- tangible links between entities looking for green solutions and potential technology providers,
- ways to leverage their intellectual property strategically,
- resources, tips and future routes for action and learning,
- lessons (good and bad) from first hand experience.

This webinar is a free of charge.
Webinar will be held on the May 5, 2020 at 16.00 (CEST)
The webinar language is English.
Registration to the webinar is open.