Aluminium-silicon alloy for tribological applications from Belarus

EEN Belarus Research institute from Belarus developed a method to manufacture silumin with silicon particles of globular form. The properties of such aluminium-silicon alloy allow it to replace bronze in tribological applications improving the wear resistance 2 to 3 times. The institute is looking for industrial partners for manufacturing agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Mechanical properties of the silumin with globular silicon particles:
* tensile strength 350..400 MPa
* elongation 2..4%
* hardness 120..150 HB
* density 2,65..2,68 g/cm3.

The Al-Si alloy (silumin) with globular silicon particles replaces bronze in steel/bronze friction pair improving durability 2 to 3 times (better than aluminium bronzes). The microstructure of the alloy is hereditary (recycled/molded parts have the same properties as original/billets) since modifiers are not used. Compared to conventionally cast silumina which have silicon particles in lamellar from, silumin with silicon particles in globular form can be processed also by deformation methods.

More information you can find here.

The institute's offer is placed in the Enterprise Europe Network by the Republican Center for Technology Transfer.