Expert services in philosophy, social and humanitarian knowledge fields

o        research of the Belarusian people philosophy heritage;

o        philosophy of social and nature modeling; co-evolution of society and nature – paradigms, systems, synergy;

o        information and synergetic components of the  sustainable development strategy;

o        social and demography politics in aging society;

o        social consciousness and ecological culture;

o        national and cultural aspects of sustainable development and the problem of national autonomy;

o        ethics and society:  demographic ethics, bioethics, meta-ethics;

o        philosophy and outlook basis of the human genome security problem;

o        social and technology problems of biotechnology development;

o        social and technology factors of sustainable development;

o        methods and forms of comprehension of harmony systems essence  and its dimension;

o        self-organizing systems sustainability and its preservation governing;

o        evolution and self-organization of systems invariant relations;

o        bio-identification method in ecological monitoring of water, soil, air environment, composites quality improvement with the help of the method of fastening of their integral features to the measure knots that is generalized gold sections;

o        philosophy and science methodology;

o        theory of science knowledge and world outlook;

o        philosophic problems of science and technology and technological progress;

o        scientific and technical and technological basis of  social development;

o        social philosophy and moral and psychology problems of new sources of energy in  21 century;

o        social philosophy aspects of air and sea techno gene catastrophes nature factors;

o        a man on the edge of millenniums: anthropologic and social philosophy analysis;

o        globalization and monetary policy of a state;

o        ethnological and confessional aspect of  modern social and cultural processes;

o        spiritual and moral values  in conditions of social transformations;

o        Belarusian folk culture esthetics;

o        a man and its consciousness as a research subject in the theory of modern humanitarian cognition;

o        specifics of humanitarian cognition justification;

o        metaphysics and ontology of subjectivity and self-cognition (history of philosophy and comparative analysis);

o        the problem of personality autonomy in western-European philosophy (metaphysic and ontological analysis)

o        person’s responsibility: specifics and opportunities of its metaphysic justification;

o        rationality and possibility of metaphysic justification;

o        theoretic basis and methodological principles of history of philosophy and comparative analysis;

o        development of a national state in the context of globalization processes;

o        social state: its essence, peculiarities of modern development;

o        civic state and peculiarities of its formation in the field of globalization;

o        socio-psychological and socio-nature  influence on a man and biosphere;

o        methods of health protection from hexogen and endogens negative influence factors;

o        methods of stabilization of the Chernobyl catastrophe consequences in the context of ecological security of the European region;

o        applied semiotics (word meaning expertise);

o        semi logy of culture;

o        philosophy of physics and cosmology;

o        philosophy aspects of quantum informatics;

o        postindustrial civilization strategy;

o        philosophy and methodology problems of information society  formation and development.


Service contracts for expert services in philosophy, social and humanitarian knowledge fields are available at the Technology Transfer Department, RCTT. Please, contact Dr Mikhail Denisenko, Head of the Department. (tel./fax : +375 17 2840749, e-mail:,