New technology offer of NAS of Belarus in AUTM network

AUTM Belarus research institute of NAS of Belarus offers technology and equipment for production of soft magnetic materials based on iron powder.

Main advantages are:
- Working temperature in offered technology is 150-200 C, compared to ca. 1000 C used in existing methods to produce soft magnetic materials. This reduces the production costs of the materials in 1.5-2 times compared to existing methods.
- Main advantages of offered soft magnetic materials:
* Magnetic saturation induction: up to 2.1 T, compared to 1.7 T competitor
* Working frequency: 100 Hz - 1 MHz, compared to 50-100Hz competitor.

The institute seeks cooperation with industrial partners for license agreement, commercial agreement with technical assistance or joint venture agreement and R&D institutions for research cooperation agreement.

Details of the proposal you can find here

The offer was prepared and posted in AUTM (Association of University Technology Managers) network by RCTT's specialists.

RCTT is a member of AUTM since 2012 and is currently the only organization in Belarus that can post information there.