Technology and equipment for production of porous material from polytetrafluoroethylene by laser ablation from Belarus

EEN Belarus Belarus research institute developed a method to produce porous material from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). The institute seeks cooperation under manufacturing agreement, commercial agreement with technical assistance or joint venture agreement.

In the developed method the solid PTFE is evaporated by a laser beam and condensed on cold surface as fibres. At present, the porous material produced in form of wool or felt. The wool consists of fibres 5-15 micrometers mean diameter and up to 10 mm length. The felt consists of shorter (0.2-2 mm) fibres that are fused at contact points.

The porous PTFE material is extremely stable to any aggressive substances in liquid, gas or vapor state over a wide range of the temperatures (-150 up to +250 C). The difference between porous PTFE and porous polystyrene or polyolefin based materials is the high surface hydrophobicity.

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The institute's offer is placed in the Enterprise Europe Network by the Republican Center for Technology Transfer