Technology and equipment for high velocity sheet-metal forming from Belarus

EEN Belarus Belarus research institute offers technology and equipment for high velocity sheet-metal forming. Main advantages are high efficiency, convenient and safe energy source and the ability to control the shock wave shape. The institute is looking for industrial partners for manufacturing agreement, commercial agreement with technical assistance, services agreement.

In the offered technology (impact hydroforming) the pressure pulse is created by air-driven head hitting the closed volume of liquid or elastic medium that fills the forming chamber. Developed pneumatic system accelerates head up to 50-100 m/s and the created pressure pulse is 100-300 MPa.

Efficiency of the impact hydroforming equipment is about 40% compared to other high velocity forming methods (20-30%), such as explosive forming, magnetic pulse forming, electro-hydraulic forming.
Pneumatic system used in the equipment is more convenient and safe than the capacitors of magnetic forming or electrical-hydraulic forming.

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The institute's offer is placed in the Enterprise Europe Network by the Republican Center for Technology Transfer.