Conference of Project Stakeholders on Creation of International Innovation Centre of Eastern Europe

On 10 February Polish-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Markets (Suwalki, Poland) was the venue for the initial assembly of the organizations involved in the Project “Creating International Innovation Centre of Eastern Europe”. Among the numerous representatives of the participant organizations, there were: Mr. Walicki, Director of Polish-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Markets, Mr. Karpieszuk, Director of Eastern Centre for Technology Transfer at the University of Bialystok (Poland), Mr. Bialkowski, President of the Board of Directors of Park of Science and Technology Poland-East Ltd. (Poland), Mr. Gecas, Director of Lithuanian Innovation Centre, and Mr. Uspenskiy, Director of the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer (Belarus).


Regarding the project start, the whole scope of general initial issues were taken up during the conference, viz. the mandate, primary goals, tasks, focal objectives, specific role of every particular participant party. 


4th East-West Innovation Forum in Bialystok (Poland), the nearest forthcoming international event under the project’s framework, is to be held on 30 – 31 March 2005.


A briefing for the local mass media (press, radio and TV) took place upon completion of the conference.