Representatives of IFC and UNIDO ITPO in Athens visited RCTT

Mr. Karmokolias, Head of Service Department of UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion Office in Athens, and Mr. Ivanov, Head of the Office of International Finance Corporation in Belarus, paid their visit to the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer on 10 February.


The UNIDO ITPO in Athens plan to expand their consultancy and assistance in technology transfer between Greece and the NIS countries, in particular, Belarus. Mr. Karmakolias was interested to learn about the scope of RCTT’s activity, the Centre’s main goals, objectives and tasks. The Head of the ITPO, from his part, highlighted the basic principles, priorities and activity fields of the UNIDO’s agency in Greece. The two parties showed their willingness to start their collaboration (primarily, by reciprocal information exchange in the area of the most promising technology solutions, R&D products and investment opportunities) in the near future.