RCTT is about to introduce a new regular column in Belarusian journal Izobretatel  under the title "Technology Requests from Foreign Companies".


RCTT and the Izobretatel monthly began their collaboration in June 2004. Since then, the periodical has highlighted more than 25 technology offers and descriptions of technologies developed in Belarus. The new column will become another alternative source to inform Belarusian R&D community about foreign companies facing urgent technology-related problems and ready to propose the appropriate reward for efficient technologic solutions.


The new column is first to appear in the January issue of the journal.


The technology requests from foreign companies can be accessed on RCTT’s Web portal, in the section “Proposals from Foreign Partners, Technology Requests”. Solutions being suggested for technology problems of foreign companies should be sent to the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer in writing (the use of e-mail is advisable). Technologies should be described to the extent that would be sufficient to grasp the essence of the conceptions, while the know-how should be kept covert. Should your technology proposal be of interest, you will be invited to RCTT for an interview and contract formalities.