New international project with the RCTT's participation

Financing the project International Innovation Centre of East is opened.


The project will be realized in the period from 29 December 2004 to 10 October 2005.


The aims of the project are:

  • development of border networks of economic relations between small and medium-sized companies, R&D centres, parks of science and technology, partners of the European Innovation Relay Centre (IRC) from the region of north-east Poland and Lithuania;
  • intensification of transborder cooperation through exchange of information and elaboration of the database of companies, research institutes, business support organizations from Baltic Sea Region interested in the transfer of technology or adoption of solutions characterized by an innovative approach to the problem of production, application of technology, employment, product sale and promotion. 

The projects partners are:

  • Polish-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Markets – the coordinator;
  • Eastern Centre for Technology Transfer at the University of Bialystok  а national partner;
  • Park of Science and Technology Poland-East Ltd., Suwalki - а national partner;
  • Lithuanian Innovation Centre, Vilnius – the Lithuanian partner;
  • Republican Centre for Technology Transfer, Minsk – the Belarus partner. 

The first meeting of the institutional partners engaged in the realization of the project will take place on 10 February at the Park of Science and Technology Poland-East Ltd. in Suwalki.


English Summary of the Project

Polish Summary of the Project