Republican Centre for Technology Transfer to Take Part in International Forum

Members of the RTTN – Russian Technology Transfer Network – and participants of the Franco-Russian technology network, RFR (Réseau Franco-Russe), are to meet at their international forum in Obninsk. The event is to be held on 31 January – 2 February 2005 at the Obninsk Centre for Science and Technology (the principal coordinator of the RTTN), under the auspices and sponsorship of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (Russia), the Embassy of France in Russia and the authorities of the Kaluga Region. The event will be focused on the topic “Technology Transfer: Policies, Tools, Working Practice”.

The event is aimed at sharing the working experience of technology transfer centres and providing guidelines in strategy shaping for development of the technology transfer system at federal, regional and international levels.

The agenda of the forum comprises the following issues:

-               Conference “Technology Transfer: Policies, Tools, Working Practice ” (31 January);

-               Internaitonal Seminar “Experience of the Franco-Russian Technology Network”(1 February);

-               Assembly Conference of the RTTN members “Experience of RTTN in 2002 – 2004. Priority Tasks for 2005”.

RCTT has been invited to the forum as a member of the RTTN. Representatives of more than twenty technology transfer centres that belong to the RTTN, RFR, federal and regional innovation policy makers and authorities, directors of expert and consulting organizations, some officers of the French embassy in Russia and representatives of ANVAR, the national innovation agency of France, are expected to take part in the forum.