OECD Publication "Commercialising Public Research: New Trends and Strategies"

On the website of RCTT under "Manuals" is placed OECD (Ogranization for Economic Co-operation and Development) publication "Commercialising Public Research: New Trends and Strategies". The publication was acquired due to information exchange within the project NoGAP.
The publication describes recent trends in government and university level policies to enhance the transfer and exploitation of public research and benchmarks the patenting and licensing activities of public research institutions and universities in a number of OECD countries and regions, including the EU, Australia, Canada, and the US. It showcases, based on case studies of leading institutions in Finland (Aalto Center for Entrepreneurship), Germany (Fraunhofer Institute), the Czech Republic (Technology Transfer Office of the Czech Technical University), Japan (open innovation in firms), United States (National Institutes of Health) a number of good practices for increasing the number of university invention disclosures, accelerate licensing contracts and promote more open innovation practices between universities and firms.
A key message from this publication is that national policies and strategies for the commercialisation of public research should be strengthened not only with regard to patenting and licensing efforts but especially towards emerging channels like student entrepreneurship. Governments, research ministries and business must work more closely together to develop a more coherent set of policies for commercialisation and avoid overlap or duplication. Policies and incentives for the transfer of knowledge commercialization should not be limited to patents and licensing from technological inventions; advances in the social sciences and humanities also contribute to innovation.
The publication is available for view here.