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Technology of the production of multilayer electrical-magnetic screens on the base of electrolitic deposited magnetically-cost and copper layers
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The Department of Physical-Engineering Sciences
The State Scientific and Production Association "The Scientific and Practical Centre of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Materials Research"
Игнатенко Олег Владимирович
+375 17 284 15 58
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The achieved results:[br][/br]The samples of multi–layer electricalmagnetic screens with thickness of 250–300um are produced. By their screening efficiency they are exceeding the singlelayer samples and can be compared with the laminated multiplayer screens on the base of the best magnetlcally–soft materials (81 H MA, AMAG176).
Technology Type

Technology Benefits
1. Low cost;[br][/br]2. Electrical–chemical method of application makes it possible to put jointless[br][/br]screens on complicated surfaces;[br][/br]3. Complicated technological equipment is not required for the application;[br][/br]4. High technological effectiveness and constructive properties;[br][/br]5. Low–temperature (up to 60°С) deposition regimes.

Technology Differentiation and Uniqueness
New material, new design

Technological Keywords
Multilayer electrical-magnetic screens, electrolitic deposited magnetically-cost, copper layers.
Development Stage
 Prototype (demonstration available for testing)
 Results of demonstration test available

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 Secret Know-How

Range of Applications
Multi–layer electricalmagnetic screens
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 Automotive, Transport and Logistics
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 Space and Aerospace

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