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Technology and equipment for application of protective coatings using hypersonic electrometallization
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The Department of Physical-Engineering Sciences
The State Scientific Institution "The Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus"
Белоцерковский Марат Артемович
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PURPOSE[br][/br]to restore (harden) worn cylindrical surfaces (brake drums, neck and axle journal, working in tandem with rolling bearings (sliding))[br][/br]to restore (harden) flat parts (guides, friction disks)[br][/br]corrosion protection of parts,structures’ components and facilities [br][/br]manufacturing of bimetallic "steel-bronze" pistons instead bronze ones
Technology Type

Technology Benefits
Competitive advantages[br][/br]• minimum porosity of coatings (steel ≤ 4 %) with a bond strength of more than 60 MPa;[br][/br]• performance of 16–18 kg/h, which is twice as high as that of high-speed methods of[br][/br]powder spraying;[br][/br]• the cost of application of 1 kg of coating is 3–10 times lower than the known highspeed[br][/br]coating application methods use;[br][/br]• galvanic chrome plating can be replaced.

Technology Differentiation and Uniqueness
The technology of hypersonic metallization, different from traditional electrometallization[br][/br]using a continuous source of energy to heat the gas, spraying the arc melted wire. Gas, heated to a temperature of about 2000 °C, flowing through the Laval nozzle, has a speed of 900–1300 m/s, which allows dispersing the particles of the atomized material to velocities of more than 400 m/s.

Context in which technology was identified
The equipment is produced and a number of technological processes for applying wearresistant,[br][/br]corrosion-resistant, antifriction coatings on machine parts and structural elements are developed. The recommendations on the organization of specialized sites are developed.
Development Stage
 Currently in use/production

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Range of Applications
Enterprises of general and agricultural engineering, repair sites of chemical, processing,[br][/br]electrical industry, auto and ship repair enterprises.
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 Automotive, Transport and Logistics

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 North America

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 Joint Venture
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