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Technology and equipment for application of protective coatings using mechanical cladding with a flexible tool
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The Department of Physical-Engineering Sciences
The State Scientific Institution "The Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus"
Леванцевич Михаил Александрович
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DESIGNATED AREA AND PURPOSE[br][/br]Work surfaces of details of movable ganging: plain slideways, case-shaped and load-bearing parts of metal working machines, gear wheels, transmissions, cylinder liners of explosion engine, hydraulic cylinder rods and etc., to improve durability and resistance to galling and seizing, corrosion protection, reduce of noise and vibration.
Technology Type

Technology Benefits
Competitive advantages[br][/br]• small metal and energy consumption, absence of complex and harmful surface prefinishing, high performance and ecological purity of the process;[br][/br]• a wide range of coating materials, possibility of obtaining of multicomponent[br][/br]coatings from metals and non-metals, the consolidation of which is not possible in most cases;[br][/br]• no subsequent mechanical treatment of coatings is required;[br][/br]• possibility of modifying of devices for the formation of coatings and intensification of[br][/br]the coating process.

Technology Differentiation and Uniqueness
Formation of coatings is carried out by transferring the particles of the coating material[br][/br](donor) with the wire bristles of the rotating metal brush at the moment of its simultaneous[br][/br]frictional interaction both with the donor and the surface being treated.

Context in which technology was identified
Technological modules for forming coatings with a flexible tool on the external and internal surfaces of parts of various configurations and sizes are made;[br][/br]Technologies for coatings formation are implemented at the Minsk Automatic Lines Plant named after P.M. Masherov, OJSC “Gomel foundry and standards works”.
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 Currently in use/production

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Range of Applications
Mechanical engineering, metallurgy, chemical industries enterprises, road construction and[br][/br]road machinery, oil and gas transmission lines, processing machines repair companies.
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 Automotive, Transport and Logistics

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