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Dry mixtures for ice cream
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The Department of Agrarian Sciences
The Republican Scientific and Production Subsidiary Unitary Enterprise "The Institute of Meat and Dairy Industry"
Antsypava Nadzeya
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Dry mixtures for ice cream consist of natural dairy components without the use of vegetable fats. Base mix - domestic raw materials, the proportion of import capacity is not more than 1%. In contrast, the imported analog assortment selection is great and is not only a product line with different flavors (vanilla, cocoa), but also various types of cream (milk, butter, cream). [br][/br]Dry mixes * mixed with water at a temperature of (45 ± 5) ° C in a proportion of 1 kg of a dry mixture of 1.6 kg of water is necessary.[br][/br]The resulting mixtures were uniformly mixed (preferably blender) and let stand for 15 minutes. The obtained mixture was heated on a steam bath with occasional stirring to a temperature of 75-80 ° C, then cool the mixture (preferably to a temperature of 10-15 ° C) and then mixed in a blender and send the freezer. [br][/br]Store the prepared mixture is not more than 4 hours in a refrigerator at 6 ± 2 ° C. [br][/br][br][/br]* - for the preparation of the mixture to use drinking water [br][/br][br][/br]composition: cream powder; sugar; emulsifier and glycerol esters of lactic and fatty acids (E472b); stabilizers (locust bean gum (E 410), guar gum (E 412), carrageenan (E 407a)); Flowing agent: silica, amorphous (E 551); vanillin. [br][/br]Price for 1 kg. - $ 6. [br][/br][br][/br]Nutritional value per 100 g: [br][/br]Protein - 10.0 g; fat - 23.0 g; Carbohydrates - 57.0 g [br][/br]Energy value - 480 kcal / 2040 kJ
Technology Type
Other: Technology
Technology Benefits
- an ice cream manufacturing possibility, as in catering and at home; [br][/br]- good and conveniently transported, stored at a temperature of 25-30 ° C up to 12 months; [br][/br]- saving space and warehouse space for storage; [br][/br]- all products are subject to control and has a certificate of quality. [br][/br][br][/br]Comparative price for analogs: [br][/br]- "Milk Dream", producer: Russia, trademark: Icedream, fat content: 3% - 10,35 $ US; [br][/br]- SOFT PANNA (vanilla), Made in Italy, Comprital - 12.6 US $.

Technology Differentiation and Uniqueness
- consist of natural milk components, are excluded artificial coloring and vegetable substitute dairy fats, preservatives; [br][/br]- easy to make - easy to dose, simply dissolve; [br][/br]- they can be used for preparation of milkshakes. [br][/br]

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international exhibition

Technological Keywords
ice cream, ice cream mix, milk shakes, dry mixes
Development Stage
 Currently in use/production

Intellectual Property Rights
 Secret Know-How

Range of Applications
dairy industry, catering, housekeeping
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 Services and Retail

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 North America
 South America
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Experienced specialists will advise on all issues.
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does not adversely impact on the environment
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 Joint Venture
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