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Long-range unmanned aircraft system "Burevestnik" for terrain and objects monitoring
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The Department of Physical-Engineering Sciences
The Republican Unitary Enterprise "The Scientific and Production Centre for Multifunctional Unmanned Systems" of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Maksimava Maryia
+375 17 397 00 90
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UAS "Burevestnik" is used for operating supervision of extended terrain areas and objects, moving objects tracking and also provided with data on-line transmission station which allows transmitting live video feed from UAV on the GCS and to other remote users; target designation.[br][/br][br][/br]Depending on payload (TV-, photo and IR-cameras, aerial radiation monitoring equipment) UAS "Burevestnik" with flight range up to 290 km can be used for the trailing; emergency situations detection and its assessment of development; oil-and-gas pipelines condition monitoring; anti-poaching; state frontier control; agricultural lands monitoring; radiation monitoring, etc., in daylight and night light hours.[br][/br][br][/br]System contents:[br][/br]* UAV (up to 5);[br][/br]* Stationary or mobile GCS;[br][/br]* Module of transmitting-receiving equipment (up to 2 sets);[br][/br]* Set of payload (module of optoelectronic and radiation monitoring);[br][/br]* Ground support facilities.
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unmanned aerial vehicle, video monitoring, aerial photography, ground control unit, autopilot
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 Space and Aerospace

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