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High voltage electrochemical oxidation
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The Department of Physical-Engineering Sciences
The State Scientific Institution "The Physical-Technical Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus"
Ms Gritsik Kristina
+375 44 776 70 88
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The Physical-Technical Institute offers an original technology of High voltage electrochemical oxidation. The technology is used to form decorative and hardwearing alumina ceramic coatings on aluminum alloys.[br][/br][br][/br]The use of high pulses of different shape and duration can increase the growth rate of the oxide film as well as to increase the microhardness and corrosion resistance.[br][/br]The researchers are looking for partners for Commercial agreement with technical assistance, License agreement or Research cooperation agreement with producers of aluminum products.

HVEO method is a transition process between traditional oxidation and full microarc oxidation, which is implemented when a pulsed current of up to 500 V is supplied during the oxidation of aluminum products. The use of high pulses of different shape and pulses duration can increase the growth rate of the oxide film as well to increase the microhardness, corrosion resistance. This technology is used for hardening the rings of the fuel pumps vehicles, watchcases. HVEO is also used for blanks of printed circuit boards based on aluminum , as substrates for LED lamps and heaters for the LED monitors. As well it can be used for mobile phone cases made of aluminum.[br][/br][br][/br]Industrial partners from the metal treatment industry or interested in the production of decorating aluminium or its alloys, are being sought to collaborate through a patent licence and know-how transfer agreement in order to produce and commercialize the technology.
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The method referred in this invention provides the following advantages:[br][/br]High exploitation and decor properties. The surface is more resistive to abrasion, scratches.[br][/br]Owing to applying a high-pulsed DC voltage, a high density Al2O3 layer growths on the aluminum plate immersed in a water solution of organic acid. [br][/br]- Hardness up to 8 GPa[br][/br]- Roughness < 0,05 µm[br][/br]- Thickness up to 70 µm[br][/br]
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