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"SPC NAS of Belarus for agricultural mechanization" Offers consumers and distributors a wide range of agricultural machinery and equipment of their own production
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The Department of Agrarian Sciences
The Republican Unitary Enterprise "The Scientific and Practical Centre of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Agriculture Mechanization"
Yulia Sergeeva
375 (17) 272-02-91
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"SPC NAS of Belarus for agricultural mechanization" is the largest organization of the republic in the development, testing and production of agricultural machinery. At present the enterprise produces 47 models of machines and equipment for agriculture - [url][/url]:[br][/br][br][/br]-Basic soil cultivation[br][/br]-Surface soil cultivation[br][/br]-Soil cultivating and sowing units, sowing-machines[br][/br]-Fertilizing, chemical protection of plants[br][/br]-Crop and grain harvesting and processing[br][/br]-Laying-in of fodder[br][/br]-Cultivation and harvesting of potato, beet root and root crops[br][/br]-Cultivation, harvesting and processing of flax[br][/br]-Machines for forage preparation[br][/br]-Equipment for cattle farms[br][/br]-Equipment for swine breeding and poultry keeping[br][/br]-Machinery for fruit-growing[br][/br]-Heat supply and micro-climate supply[br][/br]-Electrification and automation[br][/br]-Technical service of agricultural machines[br][/br]-Irrigation equipment[br][/br][br][/br]The constantly updated catalog of agricultural machinery developed at "SPC NAS of Belarus for agricultural mechanization" can be downloaded here - [url][/url][br][/br]
Technology Type
Other: Machinery and equipment for agriculture of own production
Technology Benefits
Cheaper than foreign analogues
Development Stage
 Currently in use/production

Intellectual Property Rights
 Secret Know-How
 Exclusive Right

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Preferable Regions
 North America
 South America
Practical Experience
The company produces agricultural machinery and equipment for more than 10 years
Environmental Impact
Does not affect the environment[br][/br]
Type of Collaboration Sought
 R&D Contract
 Joint Venture
 For Sale

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