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Pyrolysis equipment OP-800 for the production of high quality charcoal
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The Department of Physical-Engineering Sciences
The Republican Scientific and Production Unitary Enterprise "The Institute of Power of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus"
Гвоздкова Анжелика Григорьевна
+375 17 284 01 85
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Belarus academic institute has developed the Pyrolysis equipment OP-800 for the production of high quality charcoal. Main advantages: high performance and efficiency, easy maintenance, the possibility of organizing a continuous automated process, low specific energy consumption. The Institute offers delivery on contracts with customer technology and equipment.

Specifications:[br][/br] - Boot volume, m3 - 4[br][/br] - Boot Method - crane[br][/br] - Daily capacity, kg - 750[br][/br] - Annual performance, t - 200[br][/br] - Operating temperature, ° C - 650[br][/br] - Installed electric power, W - 64[br][/br] - Water consumption, m3 / day - 0.1[br][/br] - Water Pressure, MPa - 0.3[br][/br] - Thermal power, kW - 100[br][/br] - Control - Automatic(draft) [br][/br]Pyrolysis equipment OP-8 consists of a four-reactor with insulated walls, designed to accommodate the baskets of raw materials (wood) and to provide each working chamber with fixed basket of conformity, according to the technology, the temperature mode (drying, calcination, pyrolysis, cooling ).[br][/br] To get started, OP-800 uses a 100 kW furnace. A device for burning solid fuel wood (only when you start the reactor, or a lack of gas produced during pyrolysis) and pyrolysis gases generated during operation of the reactor.[br][/br]OP-800 has a flue gas discharge system comprising a fume (main and auxiliary) installed at the outlet of the combustion device and provide the desired flow (draft) for discharging air in a chimney.[br][/br]System Automation for OP-800 consists of an electronic controller for automatic control of operating modes for a given program, provided with an interface for connection of sensors for tracking the specified operating temperature in the reactor chamber, control servo valves installed in the system flues intended to regulate the gas flow at changing the operating mode.[br][/br] Loading and unloading baskets of raw materials made by a crane. In the process of pyrolysis equipment OP-800 in each chamber passes through the following steps: loading, drying, endopiroliz, ekzopiroliz, calcination, cooling, unloading.
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Technology Benefits
High performance and efficiency;[br][/br] - Improved the quality of charcoal;[br][/br] - Ease of maintenance of equipment and the possibility of organizing a continuous automated process;[br][/br] - Low specific energy consumption compared to The charcoal stoves;[br][/br] - Heat-resistant materials used in construction, ensure high reliability and long service life

Technology Differentiation and Uniqueness
An innovative process technology and equipment for production of charcoal.

Context in which technology was identified
JSC "SchuchinAGROHIMservis", Grodno region, Belarus

Technological Keywords
Equipment and services, woody biomass, pyrolysis
Development Stage
 Applied research
 Experimental development stage (laboratory prototype)
 Prototype (demonstration available for testing)

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 Secret Know-How

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 Intelligent Energy

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 North America
 South America
Practical Experience
There are also developed: mathematical models to optimize processes in the reactor OP-800; set of technical documentation and an experimental model of pyrolysis equipment OP-800.
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 R&D Contract
 Joint Venture
 For Sale

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