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High-production manufacturing processes of casting of aluminum-silicon alloys with the superfine and inverted microstructure
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The Department of Physical-Engineering Sciences
The State Scientific Institution "The Institute of Metal Technology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus"
Vasileva Svetlana Nikolayevna
+375 (222) 76 66 47
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The processes make it possible to increase productivity of casting of ingots 2÷5 fold and to refine the ingot microstructure 4÷10 fold without application of ecologically unsafe impurity modifiers. A high crystallization rate allows ingots with silicon crystals measuring up to 200 nanometers to be produced. The processes are used for production of ingots with high mechanical and antifriction properties.

Manufacturing processes are based on casting in a jet crystallizer, application of a device with the submerged jet system of secondary cooling, use of a quench hardening casting method.[br][/br]Operation of the jet crystallizer and the device with the submerged jet secondary cooling system is based on submerged jet cooling of a crystallizer jacket and an ingot, which is uniform throughout height and perimeter. Coolant jets hit a cooling area perpendicularly or at a certain angle and considerably reduce a width of a thermal boundary layer thus increasing a heat-transfer factor and cooling ability of the submerged jet cooling process. Uniformity of cooling of the crystallizer jacket and the ingot increases the equipment durability, stability of the casting process, and ingot quality. Resulting aluminum-silicon alloy billets with nanostructured eutectic silicon have the inverted microstructure with high ductility and friction wear resistance. These alloys are antifriction, wrought and have high mechanical properties[br][/br]
Technology Type

Technology Benefits
An essential increase in productivity of processes of continuous and continuously iterative casting. Improvement in ingot quality and mold tube durability, an increase in the yield and casting cost saving. Substantial improvement of mechanical and antifriction properties of silumin billets. Substitution of expensive and heavy bronze and steel parts for similar cheaper and light parts made of silumins with nanostructured eutectic silicon. A substantial increase in service life of gas engine pistons.

Technology Differentiation and Uniqueness
Novelty consists in application of the principally new and effective submerged jet coolant system in the crystallizer and the ingot secondary cooling device. This system essentially improves productivity of the casting process and quality of ingots produced from various metals and alloys without an increase in coolant consumption. In addition, the inverted nanostructure of silumin is novelty, too. It imparts high ductility and friction wear resistance to castings.

Context in which technology was identified
Hanover international industrial exhibition on April 08 - 12, 2013, Hanover, Germany[br][/br]XX International exhibition congress "High technologies. Innovations. Investments" (HI-TECH’2014) on March 12-14, 2014, St. Petersburg[br][/br]5th Harbin international exhibition of scientific and technical achievements on June-6 27 July, 2014, Harbin, People's Republic of China[br][/br]Ural international industrial exhibition of "INNOPROM-2014" on July 09-12, 2014, Yekaterinburg[br][/br]To the 6th International specialized exhibition "World of Metal-2014", (on September 16-18, 2014), Minsk.[br][/br]22nd International scientific and technical conference and exhibition "Foundry production and metallurgy 2014. Belarus" Minsk, on October 22-24, 2014.[br][/br]Now worm wheels and bearings of sliding from antifrictional alpax are successfully introduced and replace bronze at the following enterprises of Republic of Belarus: JSC Belshina (Bobruisk), JSC Bobruyskselmash (Bobruisk), JSC Stankozavod Krasny Borets (Orsha), JSC Optik Plant (. Lead), state of emergency "VS-Tekhnika" (Polotsk), ChUP "Transmaster" (Mogilev) and state of emergency of "Novaeks Plus" (Mogilev), etc.

Technological Keywords
Jet crystallizer, submerged jet cooling system, secondary cooling, quench hardening, ingot, continuous casting, continuous-iterative casting, silumins, nanostructure.
Development Stage
 Currently in use/production

Intellectual Property Rights

Specific Patent Information (Patent Number, Country, Patent Status)
Patent RU2288067 is valid since 2005.[br][/br]Patents BY3526U, BY3658U, BY3659U, BY3663U, BY3664U, BY3665U, BY3666U, BY3668U, BY3667U, BY3670U, and BY36714U are valid since 2006.[br][/br]Patents BY4620U, BY4627U, BY4636U, BY4637U, and BY4638U are valid since 2008.[br][/br]
Range of Applications
Foundry and metallurgy.
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 Nano- and Microtechnologies

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Practical Experience
These processes make it possible to increase productivity of casting of silumins by a factor of between 4 and 6 and to obtain superfine ingot structure without application of impurity modifiers. Nanostructured eutectic silicon is used for manufacturing billets of worm wheels for grinding-and-polishing machines, which are delivered to RUP «Zavod Optik» (Lida). The service life of these wheels exceeds that of БрАЖ9-4 bronze wheels by a factor of 6.
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