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Educational program for children and teenagers "Green Sun"
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The Department of Humanitarian Sciences and Arts
The State Scientific Institution "The Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus"
Ilyushenka Nadzeya
+375 29 3913137
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The Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus [url][/url] has developed an educational program for children and teenagers "Green Sun". Aim of the program: to develop the skills of creative and critical thinking, using logic, designing characters and worlds, to form communicative competencies; to introduce the key concepts of philosophy and culture. The Institute is ready to conduct training for all those interested in the developed program, as well as train the trainers in the framework of service agreement.

Type of the program: the program of additional extracurricular education.[br][/br][br][/br]Target group: 10-12-year-old teenagers.[br][/br][br][/br]Structure of the program: three modules: [br][/br]1.“Thinking about the world and mankind: philosophy for children and teenagers” – it includes tasks and exercises in the following areas of training: “History and traditions”, “Critical thinking”, “Ethics and morality”, “Communication skills”.[br][/br][br][/br]2.“Learning to think "outside the box"” – it includes exercises aimed at developing of invention tasks solving skills.[br][/br][br][/br]3. “Creating new worlds: architectural model making” – a series of classes aimed at developing of spatial thinking and architectural modeling skills: under the guidance of a teacher, children create characters and living space for them, learn to design new worlds.[br][/br][br][/br]The duration of each module: 8 lessons of 2 academic hours. Total number of lessons - 24, number of training hours - 48+ final presentation (bonus).[br][/br][br][/br]Forms of educational activity: modeling, designing, communicative and game methods.[br][/br][br][/br]Language - English or Russian[br][/br][br][/br]Results of training:[br][/br]- The horizon and curiosity, cognitive activity.[br][/br]- Skills of the creative approach to the decision of educational problems.[br][/br]- Ability to plan activities, highlight the main and secondary, establish cause-effect relationships.[br][/br]- Communicative competence, the ability to correctly and consistently state their thoughts, build arguments, defend the position.[br][/br][br][/br]Learning algorithm:[br][/br]1. The authors of the program train the trainers - The online course includes 14 hours (4 hours per module) + 2 hours for a general discussion with the authors of the program. Based on the results of the training, future coaches receive certificates.[br][/br][br][/br]2. Teaching of children and adolescents is done by certified trainers. Training within each module includes 2 sessions with the authors of the program (online).[br][/br][br][/br]3. Final presentation (with the participation of the authors online).[br][/br][br][/br]4. At the end of the course each participant will receive the school CERTIFICATE of the Institute of Philosophy.[br][/br][br][/br]Booklet of the offer in English and Chinese - [url][/url][br][/br][br][/br]Presentation of the offer in Chinese - [url][/url][br][/br]
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Education, creative thinking, critical thinking, philosophy, culture
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