TR 576 2018-07-19 The Portuguese company is looking for manufacturers or producers of fused alumina, glass beads and steel grit in eastern countries
TR 574 2018-07-09 Manufacturers of medium size (20-2500 kg) iron castings are sought from Romania, Bulgaria and Belarus
TR 547 2017-06-13 Seeking: Leading edge technologies and companies in the functional nanocoatings
TR 544 2017-03-17 High performance low micron fibres sought to improve thermal performance of insulation products
TR 542 2017-03-09 Large German manufacturer of agricultural-/ harvesting machinery is looking for suppliers in the fields of plastics and all parts related to the assembly of cabins
TR 540 2017-01-23 Danish company is looking to outsource the construction of metal parts for trucks
TR 538 2016-08-25 High-Tech Group in Tianjin looking for ICT projects to cooperate
TR 535 2016-08-11 Aero-engine, helicopter transmission system, and land gas turbine sought
TR 533 2016-08-11 Chinese advertising company seeks animation/video/information technology
TR 532 2016-08-03 A Korean company is looking for partnerships to integrate ICT in a bulletproof armor
TR 529 2016-07-11 Turkish storage tanks manufacturer needs a solution about thermal imaging at cold temperatures
TR 528 2016-07-11 Aerosol Bottle Coating for Corrosive Iodine Solution
TR 525 2016-06-08 A Polish company is looking for an industrial partner able to assure regular deliveries of specified paper (cellulose) for the production of paper napkins
TR 522 2016-03-09 Used truck clutches sought for remanufacturing
TR 505 2015-07-20 Canadian Company is Seeking a Corporate Partner in the CIS region for Assemble and Distribute Instrument Package to Offshore Arctic Petroleum Industry in Russia and Kazakhstan
TR 503 2015-03-20 Needed Innovative Technologies and Methods to Encapsulate Silicon-based Antifoam Agents Designed for Uses in Washing Powder
TR 496 2014-11-27 Needed Innovative Medical Dressings with Extremely High Absorption Capacity
TR 464 2010-09-06 Solidifying agent for crude oil
TR 427 2007-09-19 Medical implants surface coating with hydroxyapatite (Ref: 07 PL EPUB 0HKM )
TR 426 2007-09-19 A technology for Hydroxyapatite Coating orthopaedic and dental implants (Ref: 07 TR TAOT 0IFR )
TR 372 2006-11-03 Explosive lower limit of an aromatic hydrocarbon in oxygen
TR 370 2006-11-01 Automatic Object detection, segmentation and extraction from Still or Video Images
TR 368 2006-10-27 Urgent - Microwave-measurement technology for development of a new innovative product
TR 366 2006-10-23 Accelerometer with very low power requirement
TR 364 2006-10-18 Special adhesive or gluing system allowing reversible positioning of stainless steel and ceramic pieces
TR 362 2006-10-12 New thermal insulation technology for hot water cylinder
TR 360 2006-10-10 Membrane without hysteresis and elongation
TR 358 2006-09-15 Replace metal with reactive powder concrete to save energy
TR 356 2006-09-06 Benzoyl Peroxide skincare preparations for treatment and prevention of acne and related skin disorders
TR 354 2006-09-01 Cooling system for silos - Looking for further joint development